Sabbath Devotional (Part 2) by Seth Condrey

Posted On: 06.09.2020

There are many areas that may need attention right now, but here are 3 possible ways to start practicing rest, and begin to live in this essential discipline of Jesus and His students. 

Body rest – Taking care of the body is an act of trust. There are many ways, but sleep is one of those. We see this again in Jesus’ life. He was aware of His need to rest His body when it needed it (Luke 8:23). Pushing through, even when it’s urgent or there’s a lot to do, doesn’t seem to follow to the pattern that Jesus himself set for us. Does your body need rest? How are you caring for your body? What might improve the overall health of your body? 

Mind rest – “Be still and know” (Ps. 46:10). We know that silence, solitude, prayer, and meditation are important for the mind of any person. I just want to share one brief thing that was shared with me recently. “Be still” translated back into its original language literally means to “let go of your grip.” Control is deadly and exhausting. We have to rest our minds and realize that our heavenly Father “knows you need them” (Matt. 6:32). Does your mind need rest? Is it difficult to “fix your mind” on things that give you rest? How can you “let go of your grip” and “put on the mind of Christ” this week and rest like Him? 

Soul rest – How is your soul? That may be a tough question to answer. Most of the time we’re not aware of our soul, but if it gets too worn out, we can’t ignore it for long. Our soul integrates and holds us together as a whole person. Can you tell how your soul is doing? Here are a few questions to guide you to a better understanding of how rested your soul is: Is there anyone you need to forgive? Are there any habits or behaviors, hidden or not, that you feel you need to confess to a trusted friend or leader? Do you find yourself resisting being alone in silence? If so, why? Are there any hurts that you feel the need to talk to God about? Is there something you feeling especially grateful for these days? Where are you experience life and authentic connection with God and others?

My simple challenge this week is to find some time to rest. If you can, 3-6 hours of technology-free time dedicated to “being with yourself and God” in silence. Perhaps you could even work through these questions during that time. But if you’re tired, there’s an invitation…“Come away with me to a quiet place, and get some rest” (Mark 6:31).

-Seth Condrey, North Point Worship