Seth Condrey

About Seth Condrey:

Seth Condrey is a bilingual singer/songwriter who has a heart for loving God and people through music. Although born into a Christian family, Seth spent years running away from the faith and living as a skeptic before an invitation to lead worship ultimately led him to discover a real relationship with Jesus and the purpose of his life. Born and raised in the South, Seth later chose to spend a year in Argentina which led him to begin recording music in Spanish and traveling to share his heart and story with Latin America.

Most recently, he has released 3 Spanish EPs called Worship Sessions. Also writing songs for other Spanish artists such as Andy Alemany’s “Tú Primero” and Fuego’s “Examíname”. Seth served as a songwriter and worship leader for North Point Ministries, he is best known as the vocalist for North Point Worship’s, “Death Was Arrested”. His songs have been recorded by Rebecca St. James (“Battle Is The Lord’s, her first radio single in 7 years) North Point Worship (“Abundantly More” & “O What A Miracle”), Chris Renzema (“God Is Love” & “Signal Fire”), Tenth Avenue North (“Always Been You”), among others. His current single, “Great Hope, Great God”, is a great reminder “that our circumstances don’t have to change for the hope and love of Jesus to grow in our hearts” says Condrey.

Seth currently resides in San Francisco, California with his wife Jessica and their 3 children. His passion for making disciples and developing leaders through music is evident in his writing. The drive of his ministry is to encourage others to love God with all of their heart, soul and mind and to love one another as God first loved us.

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